Donor Relations & Tele-Fundraising Specialists

Join our team!

WE Make the World a Better Place!

WE ARE a TEAM that reaches higher Each Day than the last!

Work with us, a thriving North American direct response fundraising agency focused on making the world a better place in a very unique environment and following a very unique business model.

The proof is…. “in the pudding” as they say!

We are one of the most respected agencies in our industry and our clients even go on-camera to sing our praises and discuss just how important our work is for them and those they serve.

If you enjoy an active team environment where you can apply your ability to quickly think on your feet, use your unique personality to succeed and raise funds for many of North America’s most high-profile charities and non-profits, we’re the place for you to have fun and make a difference each day!

  • You like to help people with a mature, professional and upbeat attitude.
  • You like challenge, change and you’ve got a great personality.
  • You like to set the bar high and reach for your best every day.
  • You’re comfortable on a PC computer and can do basic data entry work and can find your way around MS Office.

We raise money every day which goes directly to our clients which: saves lives, funds medical research, buys medical equipment, saves important environmental areas and special/endangered species, helps foster higher education at home or abroad.