Data Analytics and Management

Your database is the life-blood or your organization. It’s important to keep it current.  We are data experts — we work with data every day.

Data Analytics – Our sophisticated analytics platform is the foundation for our integrated full service communications and fundraising programs, taking the guess work out of your fundraising decisions. Using analytics allows us to develop highly targeted, effective appeals using the appropriate channels with the best messaging to the right segment.

List/database analysis – We analyze and segment the data we work with to ensure the right message goes to the right segment – enhancing our ability to achieve the highest possible results for you.

Data cleansing – we eliminate duplications that cost you postage and run your data through address accuracy software to ensure postal codes are correct and postal standards are met.

Data Update – Everyone’s data needs to be updated at least annually. We do this through first class mail, guaranteed return mail, and during all of our tele-fundraising campaigns to ensure your data is always fresh.

Suppression Lists – We run your data against Canada’s Do Not Call List (if you’re not a registered charity), Keys 360° Marketing in-house do not call list, or your in-house suppression file before we mail, e-mail, or phone your supporters.

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