Direct Mail

You have about ten seconds to get your reader’s attention before your mail – the one you work so hard to prepare – gets tossed into the recycle bin! Getting your envelope opened is as crucial to getting supporters to respond with a donation as the contents. We work hard to ensure you deliver the best packages possible to the right people. Our packages are designed to illicit the response you need.

From concept and creative right through to delivery to Canada Post (CP) or the U. S. Postal Service, (USPS) we have all the services you need.

Concept: Our creative team develops a dynamic package theme and message that will resonate with your supporters.
Design: Our graphic designers know how to design every element of your package from envelope to reply coupon to make it easy to understand and respond to your request.
Copy: Just as important as getting the envelope opened, the contents of the envelope must be appealing to keep your readers’ interest. Our direct mail copywriters know how to write for direct mail fundraising.
Production: We have partnered with the best printers and lettershops who can deliver the job to our specifications, on budget, and on time.
We take care of all the details for you so you never have to burn out your volunteers or staff stuffing envelopes ever again!