Charity Connect 365

Charity Connect 365 is a Multi-Lingual capable, automated IVR – (Interactive Voice Response) platform that allows you to enhance all your marketing, communications and development initiatives by giving your donors, volunteers, stake-holders and prospects the ability to connect with you 24/ 7 / 365 and:

  • Totally Affordable for ANY Sized Charity and Scaleable as your needs grow Accept Donations and process their credit card donations in a totally secure environment with the highest level of PCI Compliance
  • Conduct any size of surveys, polls or vote capture initiatives
  • Disseminate your important messages and initiatives in over 150 languages
  • Capture / Record Verbal responses
  • Offer dedicated 1-800 Toll-Free #’s by language for all your promotional, marketing and communications needs
  • Custom Live-Link to one of our professional staff AND/OR Live Call Forward to one of your specialists during office hours
  • Provide you with Detailed Weekly Reporting

No huge up-front outlays of cash for complex telephony technology purchases, tech staff and training
No expensive, time consuming recruitment and training costs
No sick days, after hours or holiday staffing issues to worry about

Charity Connect 365 Standard Base Configuration offers 5 built-in Modules:

  • Introductory messaging and directions
  • Latest updates – “Breaking News”
  • Message from your Leader
  • Current Events/Campaigns/Issues
  • Donations capture

You can add-on modules as your requirements demand, such as:

  • Surveys / Polling / Voting Modules
  • Volunteer Recruitment Modules
  • Hot Link Module to our Live Professional Staff
  • Live-Link Call Forwarding Module – calls can be live forwarded to your staff specialists
  • Help desk Module for your peer to peer campaigns