Membership Organizations Benefit From Our 360° Approach


With more than 25 years of experience working with member based organizations and Professional Associations, Keys 360° Marketing is dedicated to helping your organization achieve its membership goals. We strive to bring new strategies and services to help your organization reach the next level.

Strategic Thinking And Creativity

Your members are the lifeblood of your organization and how you serve them is unique to their needs.

Our team of knowledgeable consultants don’t force clients to fit into a pre-determined model – but look at your overall program holistically to find its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

When we start to work with you we gain a thorough knowledge of your mandate, understand your goals and gauge how your membership program is performing before we develop a unique strategy designed to attract, retain and serve your members.

We go the distance for you, thinking strategically, injecting creativity, and making programs perform better – to activate, renew and retain members year after year. Our membership programs help you understand the unique needs of your members, reduce your annual membership costs, and bring your membership fees in promptly.

Member-Driven Marketing

Why do members join and why do they leave? Are your membership fees too high? Does it cost you more to acquire and serve a member than the price of your membership? Do your members feel they are getting enough value for the money?

Our research helps you understand your membership base and answers these crucial questions. We conduct focus groups, annual surveys and mini polls that help you keep your finger on the pulse of your membership base. The information we gather informs your marketing and outreach programs to attract new members and keep current members current.

Make sure your members feel that joining your Association is the best investment they can make. Call us to find out how we can help!

Services To Keep Your Members In Touch And Engaged

We gather continuous feedback from your members through ongoing research and data collection to provide the up to the minute information you need to make the right decisions on your future creative content, messaging, targeting, channels and key variables.

Using these methods we develop integrated member campaigns incorporating the phone, direct mail, and email marketing to keep members informed, engaged, and renewing on time.

Phone Programs

Integrating our phone services into your membership program keeps members renewing on time – so you get your membership fees in the door and into your bank account fast!

The success of our ethical and high quality telephone marketing campaigns is directly attributable to our strong planning, management, on-going staff development program and low staff turn-over rate. Our membership specialists are well-informed, articulate and courteous.

You get the best results because of our comprehensive strategic planning, data analysis and segmentation, campaign monitoring, daily reports and updates and our ability to convey key messaging that resonates with your members in real time. At the same time we provide invaluable research data, member intelligence and database updates.

  • Outbound telephone outreach
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Inbound telephone services
  • Telephone Town Halls

Direct Mail

Let us create and coordinate all of your direct mail renewals and member communications. Our direct mail services cover everything from annual strategic planning, advanced data analytics and selection, variable copy that speaks to individuals, graphic design, list selection and procurement, through to hassle-free production, mail drop and back end analysis and recommendations for next steps.

Digital Campaigns

Keep members abreast of your events, industry updates and happenings. Editorial schedules, creative, timing, deployment, CASL — so much to think about. Let our creative team take care of it for you!


Consultants On Call

Do you ever have a project or work that needs to get done but you just don’t have the time or staff resources? Not enough work to hire a full or half time position? We can save you time and money and get the job done—no recruitment costs, short ramp up time and professional service. Call us, we can help!

We are one big team of experts with more than 100 years of hands-on experience rolled into one easy to access resource at your fingertips. Whether you need just a few hours a month or several hours a week, we’re here when you need us!

Some examples of projects we can you with:

  • Data clean up and analysis
  • Copy-writing and design
  • Benefit package research
  • Cost analysis and comparison
  • Competitive analysis and more

 Types Of Campaigns

Campaigns are guided by data, our own creativity, experience and proven industry techniques and principles. We design our strategies using the phone, mail, email, and video to reach out to members after a thorough knowledge and assessment of your organization. All campaigns are designed to optimize your member engagement and revenue.

  • Membership acquisition, renewal, reactivation/rejoin
  • Member win back
  • Stewardship
  • Member research
  • Customer Service training


You need to know what your donors and prospects think about your organization. We can help you learn more about your donors and why they give.

  • Surveys (on-line, phone, mail)
  • Focus Groups
  • Mini polls.