Non-Profit Organizations Benefit From Our 360° Approach

With more than 25 years of experience working with non-profit organizations, Keys 360° Marketing will help you make the world a better place. We continually strive to bring new strategies and services to help your organization reach higher levels.

You are working for progressive positive change and we want to be an integral part of that! We’ll roll up our sleeves and put on our strategic thinking caps to bring you better results and long term sustainability. We work on every detail – from data hygiene and analytics to engaging donor contact and stewardship to make your program perform better.

Strategic Thinking And Creativity

Your organization and mission is unique. We’ll get to know you so we can create the most effective strategy for your fundraising program.

We go that extra mile for you, thinking strategically, injecting creativity and reaching out to the right people with the right message to improve your overall return on investment.

Donor-Centered Fundraising

We review your overall program holistically to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Tell us your long and short term fundraising goals and we’ll develop strategy to achieve them.

We understand how to use your data with tailor made communications to help you create an environment where your donors believe in you, trust you, and want to support you whole-heartedly.

The strength of our data-driven focus is our open and continuous collaboration with you to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with your supporters. We develop and test strategies and messaging to find out what really resonates with your donors.

Services To Serve Your Organization Better

Continuous feedback from your supporters through our ongoing research and data collection provides the up to the minute information you need to adjust creative content, messaging, targeting, preferred channels and key variables.

We develop integrated campaigns incorporating the phone, social media, direct mail, and email marketing to keep your supporters informed, engaged, and giving. We don’t promote one channel over another, but recommend what’s best for your program goals and budget.

Data Management

We know that your data is the life-blood of your organization. Everything falls apart when your data is not up to date. Our data services include:

  • Data Hygiene: De-duping, address accuracy, data updates.
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Conditioning
  • Segmentation analysis and strategies

Phone Programs

We pride ourselves on our ethical and high quality telephone marketing campaigns. Our phone campaigns are based on great conversations! The phone is your one to one contact with your supporters and gives you invaluable feedback – and more money in the door to expand your program capacity. Our fundraising specialists are your front line of contact and are well-informed, articulate, and conversational.

Behind the scenes, we work hard to make your phone program work and perform to the highest standards – at the same time we provide invaluable donor feedback and database updates. If you’re not integrating the phone into your program, you are leaving money on the table.
Outbound campaigns

  • New Donor Welcome
  • Lapsed Donor Reactivation
  • Monthly Upgrade
  • Monthly Donor Acquisition
  • Monthly Donor Reactivation
  • Emergency calling
  • Two-step acquisition and conversion
  • Active cash conversion
  • Cross sell
  • Planned giving fundraising
  • Telephone Research and Surveys
  • Inbound response handling
  • Voice Broadcast Messaging
  • Telephone Town Halls

Direct Mail

Let us create and coordinate all of your direct mail appeals. We help you make truly human connections between your cause and your donors. Your stories need to be told. We write great stories that tug on the heartstrings and build loyal donors.

Our direct mail services cover everything from annual strategic planning, advanced data analytics and selection, variable copy that speaks to individuals, list selection and procurement, through to hassle-free production, mail drop and back end analysis.

Digital Campaigns

Editorial schedules, creative, timing, deployment, CASL — so much to think about. Let us take care of these crucial details for you!

  • Design and development of online new supporter acquisition programs
  • Online supporter stewardship
  • email messages, e-newsletters and appeals
  • Integration of off and online programs


Multi-lingual Communications and Fundraising

Now you can tap into all of Canada’s diverse communities with the best of our inbound and outbound phone and mail services in multiple languages! Reach out to all Canadians in their own language! We’ve found people love to speak their own language and are very generous when they’re given the chance. This is a large audience that virtually gets left out because of language barriers – but this does not need to happen anymore!


You need to know what your donors and prospects think about your organization. We can help you learn more about your donors and why they give.
• Surveys (on-line, phone, mail) • Focus Groups • Mini polls.

Volunteer from Anywhere

Now your volunteers can make a huge impact on your fundraising from anywhere! With our new volunteer from anywhere platform, your volunteers can phone your donors and prospects at a very manageable cost. All the money they raise will go directly to your important programs. Call me for details.

Consultants on Call


Do you ever have fundraising questions or conundrums that you need answers to quickly? Or work that needs to get done but don’t have the resources in house? Not ready to hire? Call us, we can help!

We are one big team of expert fundraisers with more than 100 years of hands-on experience rolled into one easy to access resource at your fingertips. We’re here when you need us! Whether you need a couple of hours a month or 50 hours a week, we are your handy helpers!